Welcome to the Caddo Smart Start Early Childhood Community Network. Caddo Smart Start is a network of publicly funded early childhood programs serving Infants, Toddlers and PreK age children. Programs in Caddo Smart Start provide high quality early childhood instruction and care that promote educational experiences to prepare children to enter kindergarten.

Click here for a complete listing of publicly funded early childhood programs

The on-line early childhood application opens March 7, 2022 and is to be completed for all early childhood applications including Public School PreK, Charter School PreK, Early Head Start, Head Start and Type III Child Care Centers. Click here to find out what information is needed before completing the application. Many programs are based on income eligibility. Complete the application regardless of income as there are some programs that do not have an income limit. If you need support in completing the application, then click here for an On-line Application Tutorial, (Tutorial de Aplicacion en Linea click here)

Are you ready to begin the early childhood application? Have you reviewed the listing of early childhood programs? Have you gathered all of your child’s information? Are you ready to create an application account with a password? If so, then click Begin Application.